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Our Story

In Florence, Italy, in an arcaded alley off the Piazza San Pier Maggiore, a small panini shop, called Antico Noè, has built a cult-like following after more than 75 years in business.

An ongoing addiction for locals and visitors alike, Antico Noè’s simple and authentic fare captured the heart of a young entrepreneur, Michael Grant, who lived in Florence during a semester abroad in 2007.

Several years later, Michael, utilizing his background in corporate finance and operations, convinced the Italian owners to expand the brand to the U.S. under his control.

To ensure consistent quality and an adherence to tradition and taste, the U.S. based team studied and trained at the Florence location. While there, they learned the secret bread and sauce recipes, as well as understanding the magic of the little “sandwich shop”, in order to replicate and offer an authentic panini experience.

Antico Noè ['No-ay']

Before Antico Noè was founded in 1945, the tiny storefront was home to an Italian Vermouth shop called “Noè,” a popular liqueur in the 1900's with a recognizable logo. Upon taking over the shop, the only remnants of its former tenants was an old (“antico”) broken mirror…therefore Antico Noè!